Tips for using EBSCO

EBSCO is a very useful database where you will find thousands of articles from journals, magazines, newsapapers, reference books etc. It features up to date material as well as archived articles. It should be a first stop for any MRHS student who is doing research. Below are a few tips to help you out …

  • Login Information ( username : peiebsco password: database)
  • Go to Sign In and create an account for yourself. Your account will let you create folders and store articles there while you research. This will help you stay organized.
  • The Advanced Search allows you to be more specific in your search.
  • The Limit Your Results section allows you to be even more focused. Especially useful is the Full Text option. This will eliminate articles that only give you an abstract(brief summary) of what the article is about.
  • If you wish to browse through a certain title, choose Title Lists and find the specific one you want. You can search within that publication only.
  • EBSCO will generate citations for you. After viewing an article, choose PRINT. It will ask you for a style option (ie. MLA ) and you can then generate the citation from there. You DO NOT need to actually print the article. Just copy and paste the citation into your document.
  • For any other help in using EBSCO, please see Mrs. Pendergast.
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